The history of StasyAlex cosmetics

More than 15 years ago Anastasia Aliaksandrovich started training professional make-up artists, which later transformed into «Anastasia Aliaksandrovich School of Professional Make-up».

Over the years, the makeup school has trained many makeup artists from different countries and continents, who later became successful professionals in their field with their own schools and studios and huge audiences of followers.

During its work, Anastasia’s makeup school experienced difficulties with buying materials and tools for professional makeup: it was difficult and sometimes impossible to buy something decent in Belarus. Most of the available cosmetics were not satisfactory either in terms of composition or professional properties.

For many years, Anastasia has studied chemistry and new cutting edge research and scientific discoveries in the materials and components of cosmetic products. Conducted her own research and laboratory experiments. All these endeavors and the pursuit of perfection led to the production of limited edition batches of her own cosmetics, which met the own needs of her makeup school. Everything was logical with colors, harmonious with textures and thoughtful in terms of safe cosmetics formulations.

Some samples of the first StasyAlex cosmetics of 2015-2018.

Subsequently, there was a natural demand from its audience, primarily professional makeup artists, who were familiar with the work of Anastasia’s school and the products used in the training, either in person or in absentia. Therefore, cosmetics began to be produced a little more and the company «Cosmetic Technologies» appeared, which is located in the ancient Polotsk land in Belarus.

Each modern StasyAlex shadow palette is logically thought out and is complete to fulfill the finished harmonious makeup. There are no random colors in each particular palette. Each pigment and brush has its own practical purpose.

Our products are currently sold through our four e-commerce sites to 65 countries around the world, including all of Europe, North America and the Middle East. However, it still remains a club of like-minded people rather than a large-scale cosmetics business.

We avoid any kind of advertising and believe that products should be made in such a way that advertising is not necessary. Unfortunately, due to limited opportunities, we can’t produce even a tenth of what Anastasia has developed, and everything that has been produced has come out in a very small one-off batch and will not be repeated. There is a plus side to this — if you have managed to buy something, you have actually become the owner of an exclusive 🙂

For all those who have met our products for the first time, we strongly recommend not to make hasty purchases. We realize that buying cosmetics online is not an easy process. That’s why we’ve prepared a collection of valuable information for you in the form of makeup tutorials on YouTube, a book on coloristry and links to practical applications on Instagram from different makeup artists. There you can at least see what the products look like in real application, including by different masters and in different lighting. Please buy consciously so that it brings you joy and makes your makeup routine easier.

With the utmost respect and love, our small but very enthusiastic team.

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