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MG01 WHITE is a pure white pigment that can be used as a standalone product, as well as to lighten other MATTE GLAZE shades or to be mixed into other cosmetic products.


Matte glaze is a multipurpose concentrated pigment with increased durability.
MATTE GLAZE can be used:
for eyes:
— as an eyeshadow primer;
— to build the shape of makeup;
— as an eyeliner;
— as kajal for mucous membranes;
— as a mascara;
— to create the shape of the eyebrows.
for face and lips:
— add to foundation or concealer to change color, increasing the density of the product;
— as a blush and sculptor (apply directly to the skin, or mix with foundation to obtain the desired shade);
— as a lipstick (use as a standalone product, or mix with lip gloss or balm).




Вес 40 g

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