EYESHADOWS PALETTE E17 Blue hummingbird


Артикул: E17 Категория:

E17 Blue hummingbird — an elegant colour palette of matte, atlas and shining shades with a chameleon effect. This palette combines azure shades from sea foam to the deepest and richest turquoise and indigo colours, combined with deep purple and gray.


EYESHADOWS PALETTE E17 Blue hummingbird:

171VI — VOILE IRIDESCENT — semi-transparent shining texture with a high concentration of multicolored brilliant particles.
172FI — FLASH IRIDESCENT — oily shining texture, changing the color depending on the lighting.
173MS, 175MS — MATTE SILK — matte high-pigmented eyeshadows with a soft silky texture.
174A — ATLAS PEARL — soft, almost creamy texture with glossy pearlescent coverage.


Вес 95 g

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