EYESHADOWS PALETTE E05 Salmon flamingo


Артикул: E05 Категория:

E05 Salmon flamingo — matte-satin-atlas colour palette in salmon-cognac tones. This is a basic colour palette, which is perfect for owners of warm hair colours. This eyeshadow palette can be used for wedding makeup and all types of commercial makeup.


EYESHADOWS PALETTE E05 Salmon flamingo:

51O — ORGANZA — soft satin eyeshadows with diamond sparkles.
52MS, 55MS — MATTE SILK — matte high-pigmented eyeshadows with a soft silky texture.
53S — SATIN — satin eyeshadows with light, tender, and very delicate shine.
54A — ATLAS PEARL — soft, almost creamy texture with glossy pearlescent coverage.


Вес 95 g

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